Ben East or Ben East?

The University of New Haven posted this article today: WEST HAVEN, CONN. --- Look up Ben East on Amazon and adventure books pop out at you. But it’s not THAT Ben East – an American outdoorsman and writer throughout much of the last century – that we are talking about. We’re talking about Ben East, … Continue reading Ben East or Ben East?


Novel Review–Black River

Beneath the surface of Black River, the taut debut by S.M. Hulse, flows the grey enigma of ultimate justice. The narrative forces the reader to ask: Does a recidivist criminal capable of torture, yet claiming to have found Jesus, deserve parole? Or would such redemption be an injustice to the man he brutalized decades earlier? By … Continue reading Novel Review–Black River

e-Book Launch: Dundee International Book Prize

Extracts from the work of shortlisted novelists for the 2014 Dundee International Book Prize are now available in e-Book format.  Priced to move at $0.00! Congratulations to my shortlisted compadres Sheena Lambert of Dublin, Rachel Fenton of Auckland, Amy Mason of Bristol, Veronica Birch of the West Country, Rosaliene Bacchus of California, Jasper Dorgan of Wiltshire, Suzy Norman of … Continue reading e-Book Launch: Dundee International Book Prize