Dundee Book Prize Winner–Amy Mason

Writer and performer Amy Mason of Bristol, UK today was named winner of the 2014 Dundee International Book Prize for her novel The Other Ida. Congratulations, Amy! The Other Ida, which follows an angry and depressed twenty-something daughter of famous parents, will be published by Cargo Press as part of the £10,000 prize. Amy's other accomplishments include an … Continue reading Dundee Book Prize Winner–Amy Mason



My wife keeps a curry plant to flavor her beautiful Indian cooking. Our boys have taken to snapping off the greenest leaves and eating them raw. Their chewing fills the air with a sharp, fresh scent. Yesterday, the plant was brought indoors—frost—to spend the night on our low kitchen table. When the boys found it … Continue reading CURRY PATTA, JUNGLE OATS, AND PEACE CORPS

The Return of Preston Lang

Stoked to learn Preston Lang will be back soon with his second crime book, The Blind Rooster, a "crude slice of American Noir, sunny side down". Echoes of Jim Thompson and Elmore Leonard? Bring it. Preston Lang released his discreetly funny debut, The Carrier, last spring, weaving three narrative threads into one heartless tale. Drug courier Cyril and stick-up girl Willow pursue … Continue reading The Return of Preston Lang

Post Season Baseball–Guts

To kick off Major League Baseball's season of glory: a short story about baseball featuring steroids, breast milk, and courage. From Guts, first published by Atticus Review September 2012. That sweet curving thumb of mine put a wild spin on every ball I threw. Curveballs, sliders, pitches that dropped four inches just before the plate. Northern … Continue reading Post Season Baseball–Guts

Review–You Can Lead a Horse to Water

(But You Can't Make It Scuba Dive) Queue the circus music when Sam, Muller, and Max join Max’s father Otis and mother Ruby in The Rec Room of Sound, Otis’s Internet radio broadcast, to consume pot-laced brownies and interview Bisquick the Mynah bird best known for biting nipples and repeating the phrase “Gimme some titty action”. As … Continue reading Review–You Can Lead a Horse to Water

New York Times Responsible for Flow of ISIS Volunteers

The hyperbole above is intended in jest, of course, an eye-catching headline to mimic today's lead story on NYT's home page. It's the Times' second such sensational headline on the subject this week. America Steps Up Fight to Stem Flow of ISIS Volunteers Click to the story, however, and a different picture emerges. Suddenly the … Continue reading New York Times Responsible for Flow of ISIS Volunteers

Calling Out the Grey Lady

Today the @NYTimes posted a teaser making it sound as if "radicalized young Muslim Americans" are "flowing" into Syria to join the fight there. Flowing? The article itself indicates that "American law enforcement and intelligence officials say more than 100 Americans have gone to Syria, or tried to so far." Let's do the math. In … Continue reading Calling Out the Grey Lady