My Thoughts on Uranus

I'll admit it---I'm a bureaucrat. A federal bureaucrat. I'm not some fancy ad-man in a pinstripe suit on Madison Avenue. Still, I know a thing or two about language. And when I see lousy wordplay in advertising, it bothers me. Take this insurance ad, targeted at the dreary, browbeaten federal workforce (it's on a bus stop … Continue reading My Thoughts on Uranus

Brilliant Farce Out Tomorrow

Highly recommended! You Can Lead a Horse to Water (But You Can't Make It Scuba Dive) Queue the circus music when Sam, Muller, and Max join Max’s father Otis and mother Ruby in The Rec Room of Sound, Otis’s Internet radio broadcast, to consume pot-laced brownies and interview Bisquick the Mynah bird best known for biting nipples … Continue reading Brilliant Farce Out Tomorrow

Short, Sharp Interview: Preston Lang

I’m a big fan of Preson Lang. Really looking forward to this release!


rooster (2)

PDB: Can you pitch THE BLIND ROOSTER in 25 words or less?

Drifter gets involved with a waitress, leading to con games, ugly family secrets, and aggressive karaoke.

PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently?

I recently read three of the Parker novels by Richard Stark in no particular order, so I wasn’t always sure whether he had his old face or his new face when I’d start a book. Two new novels I got to and greatly enjoyed in the last month are Salaryman Unbound by Ezra Kyrill Erker and Big Ugly by Jake Hinkson.

I saw Out of the Past for the first time recently. It’s a good reminder of how funny the really great old noirs are. The writing is just so good.

And I’ve been hearing All About that Bass everywhere lately. I’m still trying to process my feelings…

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Review–The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes

In time for Veteran's Day (also Armistice Day), Atticus Review posted my latest look at today's literature with David S. Atkinson's The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes. What better way to suggest the futility of the human experience than with a card game called Armistice? This game is not War, it is Armistice. Because, as … Continue reading Review–The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes

Dear Bleach Garglers,

A number of you have contacted me recently with a strange offer. “I’d drink bleach,” you say, “to get you to read a sample of my book.” Gargling it, injecting it between your toes, I’m astounded at the endless uses of bleach you’ve proposed to procure a book review from me. But far from an … Continue reading Dear Bleach Garglers,


My wife keeps a curry plant to flavor her beautiful Indian cooking. Our boys have taken to snapping off the greenest leaves and eating them raw. Their chewing fills the air with a sharp, fresh scent. Yesterday, the plant was brought indoors—frost—to spend the night on our low kitchen table. When the boys found it … Continue reading CURRY PATTA, JUNGLE OATS, AND PEACE CORPS