Review–The Second Most Dangerous Job in America

I revisited The Second Most Dangerous Job in America (Atticus Shorts, 2012) when I learned Steve Himmer was releasing his next book, Fram (ig Publishing), which came out in January this year. Any discussion of this short treat must focus on observable detail and rudimentary character. There’s little to be found by way of plot, but … Continue reading Review–The Second Most Dangerous Job in America


Beginnings and Endings

You might inscribe the title of your novel a couple dozen times before it sticks. You might make it longer, shorter, TBD, Working Title, WIP, B.S., Nada, Whatever... whatever. And revert after all that to the original working title. Or not. But "The End"... this is a thing you only write once on a manuscript. Today was that … Continue reading Beginnings and Endings


One week to go before the deadline to submit your novel-length manuscript to the 2015 Leapfrog Press Fiction Contest. Get it done! The goal’s had me burning the midnight oil the past couple months, forcing me to put off a lot of other substantive posts. Among the big items I’d hoped to reflect on recently … Continue reading TITLES—ARGH!