Inertia: What’s Under the Writer’s Hood?

Writer Jason Howell hosts a weekly Q&A with writers & readers on his blog, mostly aimed at the place where writing, reading, and life intersect. This week's question(s): What gets you back on the horse again? Keeps you trying? I was grateful for the chance to chime in this week. Stop by and see the range of responses. Post your own in … Continue reading Inertia: What’s Under the Writer’s Hood?


True Crime Review: Ivory Tower Cop

George Kirkham and Leonard Territo pair up to deliver an informative, fast-paced police procedural in Ivory Tower Cop, exploring a serial rape case based on actual events. The thriller digs into half a dozen savage crimes, the latest developments in forensic science, arcane Biblical studies, historical detail from The Third Reich, and Nazism’s reach into … Continue reading True Crime Review: Ivory Tower Cop

Reviewers’ resource

If you're looking to sink your teeth into reviewing books, Atticus Review is a good place to start. You can hear from their book review editor, Sam Slaughter, at Citizen Lit. He offers up a few thoughts on the art of the review and his approach to guiding writers in the process. Listen to the whole thing … Continue reading Reviewers’ resource

Work out! Rock out! Write on!

Here's an inspiration to kick off the new year. John Grisham built a reputation as a writer (love him, hate him, it's unimportant) by turning tax lawyers into the kind of people who drive fast cars, plot murders, and enjoy lives of sinister intrigue. Tax lawyers. Whatever you do for a living, it's got to be more … Continue reading Work out! Rock out! Write on!