Writing is physical

...and sometimes writing's purely physical, like when you're in the middle of editing copy in Word from a comfortable, seated position and you find yourself needing to hand-write a note, but that's got to be done in the specific place where you organize all the notes pertaining to the next draft you have planned, but you realize you've left … Continue reading Writing is physical


Coming Very Soon

The Second World War II had Catch 22. The Global War on Terror will have:

Ice Cream in Harpers Ferry

  Yesterday In Harper's Ferry Seated between my boys I ate an ice cream cone In the sun. In public. "This is good, dad." "This is good." #Americanah  

You’re not anti-social

Dear fellow writers and artists, The Washington Post on Friday helped explain your anti-social tendencies. Revelation: you’re not misanthropic; you’re smart. What you’re working on has been equated to finding the cure for cancer. Research published last month in the British Journal of Psychology by two evolutionary psychologists from the London School of Economics and Singapore … Continue reading You’re not anti-social


Mothers, fathers, Diamond’s calling: Little League begins. Sons and daughters, Grab your bats. Days are growing long. Pitcher, catcher, Batter, Ump: Eyes quick on the ball. Windup, pitch, Swing and hit, Field and throw and tag. Line to Center. Ground to short. Hit and run and slide. Bases loaded, Batter up, Knock it past the … Continue reading NINE

Foreign Service Writers

The March issue of the Foreign Service Journal covers the annual book fair and includes a call for FS-affiliated writers to submit news of forthcoming and recently published books for the November round up. Authors are also invited to submit work for review on this blog: I recently reviewed retired FSO James F. O'Callaghan's No Circuses. See below. From the FSJ … Continue reading Foreign Service Writers

Peace Corps Week–Third Goal

Peace Corps Week celebrates President Kennedy’s establishment of the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961. This year is the 55th anniversary of the Peace Corps, and service never ends. Peace Corps Volunteers go on to become Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs), because there is always the third goal: bringing the experience home to promote a better understanding … Continue reading Peace Corps Week–Third Goal