The Foreign Service

today i celebrated with colleagues who serve this nation by going to places like Peshawar, Islamabad, Beirut, Sana'a, Baghdad. most serve without weapons. their service is overlooked. rather than call them heroes, as with our military cousins, more often they are belittled with terms like "cookie-pushers". But: It is statistically more dangerous to join the Foreign Service … Continue reading The Foreign Service

An ounce of hope, a Fifth of futility

Review: God in Neon by Sam Slaughter Sam Slaughter’s collection of stories features protagonists paddling up a great river of booze. Their strokes are futile, the current strong: with beer, tequila, whiskey, Old Crow, Jack, PBR. They struggle under the blurry burden of constant intoxication, their boozing not an act so much as a reality, … Continue reading An ounce of hope, a Fifth of futility