Vienna, but not Austria

Join me and these local independent authors for a conversation about writing and publishing. Kimberly G. Hargan--The Dauphin's Lost Jewels (Sci-fi) Lisa G. Eley--Thirteen Geese in Flight (Biography) Candace Meredith--Contemplation: Imagery, Sound, and Form (Poetry) Kacy Cooney--In a Maze of Imagination (General Fiction) Kamakshi P. Murti--Lalli's Window (Children's Fiction) Jonathan Zeitlin--Death & Repair (Mystery) And … Continue reading Vienna, but not Austria


Writers Write (and it’s hard)

Great stuff! In a few simple lines our craft is cast in opposing opposing lights: it is spiritual grandness and workaday labor. We are at once inspired and guided by "the invisible hand of the soul." Yet who can deny that "Writing a novel is drudgery"? Yes & yes. More inspiration below. Dear Sugars, … Continue reading Writers Write (and it’s hard)