When Publishing Was Hard

I tailor-made an essay for an in-house blog last month. Labored over 500 words and thought it a shoe-in. But they passed. The rejection would've stung if I thought the piece was lousy. This was for a blog, but the rejection didn't hurt: I don't submit rubbish, though I may write it. I knew the piece … Continue reading When Publishing Was Hard


Current Situation

Migrating to my third generation Mac. That's a circa 2004 15" Powerbook G4 on the right, currently in use for a novel in development (Big Fish, Little Fish, for my son's 8th birthday). I had to ramp it up tonight because the more modern machines are talking to each other, or at least trying to. … Continue reading Current Situation

Gud Guy w/ a Gun

The NRA and its lackeys are fond of telling us the only thing that can stop a 'bad guy with a gun' is a 'good guy with a gun.' I have no problem with responsible gun ownership. But I reject the assumption that '...with a gun' is the natural order of things. The above canard … Continue reading Gud Guy w/ a Gun

Congressional Call to Order

Prayers, check. Silence, check. Guns, Amen.    

Books You Won’t Be Needing this Christmas

Which books are you boycotting? So many to choose from... Stick it to them, I say!

Free Gift for Joining NRA. Or Not.

The crazies at NRA can't, but I can do better than a black and yellow duffel bag. Club Patchworks---free paperback with every subscription!

What Next?

Think of all the time and effort that goes into writing a novel. Then think about this reaction when you get to the end: "So what?" Or this: "What next?" So what? What next? That can be what it feels like to finish writing a novel. I guess there was the one time I finished … Continue reading What Next?

Foreign Service, Under Covers

DC-area writers, consider stopping by the American Foreign Service Association for this year's book market featuring a talk on writing and publishing from 25-year veteran literary agent and editor Deborah Grosvenor. Two dozen Foreign Service-affiliated authors will also be there with their latest work. Find out what publishers are looking for when it comes to writing … Continue reading Foreign Service, Under Covers

Accessorize Against the NRA

If you aren't following The Nib you're missing out! Yesterday they featured a slate by cartoonist Jeremy Nguyen featuring new defenses against flying bullets. Because, you know, our elected officials certainly won't help. Check it out.

The Annapolis Bookstore

A short block from Maryland's historic State House, down a white brick street narrow with specialty shops, The Annapolis Bookstore is exactly what a bookstore ought to be: jammed with literature, old and new, on shelves that climb from creaking wood floor to high plaster ceiling. Close with the antiquated must of well-turned pages, yet … Continue reading The Annapolis Bookstore