Stubborn 2nd Amendment

The law that guarantees the right to bear arms pegs that right to a well regulated Militia. Patchworks AMERICA'S NEXT GUN MASSACRE IS INEVITABLE. Unless one government intern can make a miracle of his odd jobs in Washington, DC. Gabriel Dunne's federal internship has him tracking gun violence in America. But before he can start, his … Continue reading Stubborn 2nd Amendment


Reflections on Sandy Hook


This guest essay was written by Gun Sense Chester County member Barbara Gall Sheehan.  She read excerpts of the essay at our recent event, Remembrance — 5th Anniversary of the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

 By Barbara Gall Sheehan

If only….I was sick that day

If only… I had missed the bus

If only…I was better at hiding

If only…I could run faster

If only…my teacher was a super hero

If only…my Dad was there to protect me

If only…I was invisible

If only…he didn’t have a GUN

Whether you are pro-gun, anti-gun or somewhere in between, we all can agree that guns in the wrong hands have tragic consequences and there is no harsher example than Sandy Hook.

Five years ago, our nation was shaken to its core when the unthinkable happened in a Connecticut elementary school.  Just two weeks…

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