Ridin with Biden!

Biden’s election takes me back to Mexico City, March 2012.

While I worked a presser at the Four Seasons with Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, my sons horsed around with the Veep at the U.S. Embassy.

It was a long day. Those who attended the meet-and-greet arrived early, navigating Secret Service protocols and waiting hours in the Embassy courtyard. Vikram and Mohan, four and two, grew a tad ornery.

Of course, it was worth it. The Vice President called all kids onstage, dozens and of varying ages. Even the punchy ones. Even mine.

What Biden made clear, in that moment, in dealing with my boys as they tottered and teetered around him onstage, is that he lived foremost as a father and a grandfather. He knew the mysteries of nurture, firm but gentle, in the act of raising kids.

I like Joe for this. I like it that when my wife apologised during the grip and grin that followed, his reply was exactly this: “Please don’t apologise. I have grandkids. I know how it goes.”

I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden. I want to congratulate Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. And I want to congratulate the American people.

We exercised our democratic principles with patience and determination in the face of unprecedented threats, including attempted foreign interference, a torrent of disinformation, and a life-threatening virus.

We rocked this election, and we have chosen a winner.


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