Foreign Service, Under Covers

DC-area writers, consider stopping by the American Foreign Service Association for this year’s book market featuring a talk on writing and publishing from 25-year veteran literary agent and editor Deborah Grosvenor.

Two dozen Foreign Service-affiliated authors will also be there with their latest work. Find out what publishers are looking for when it comes to writing about international affairs. What different presses are available, and how can you approach them effectively? What assets — and obstacles — affect moving from diplomacy to writing? 

Thursday November 16, 11a to 2p
AFSA Headquarters, 2101 E St. NW, Washington, DC
RSVPs not required. Questions to
Refreshments served

Readers very much welcome! Among the authors and titles on hand: 

Dan Whitman: Answer Coming Soon, and other titles

Matthew Palmer: Enemy of the Good, The American Mission, Secrets of State and The Wolf of Sarajevo

Louis Sell: U.S.-Soviet Relations and the Collapse of the USSR

Harry W. Kopp: Career Diplomacy

Barry Riley: The Political History of American Food Aid

Judith Heimann: Paying Calls in Shangri-La

Leon Weintraub: We’re All Alike and Different

Shawn Kobb: City of Ghosts, Tower of Fools

Laurie Pickard: Don’t Pay for Your MBA

Ambassador (ret.) Charles Ray: Ethical Dilemmas and the Practice of Diplomacy, and other titles

Robin White: My Own Dear Wife: A Yankee Couple’s Civil War

Corrinne Callins: Moja and the Lion

Ambassador (ret.) Steven Pifer: The Eagle and the Trident

Bill Penoyar: On the Road with a Foreign Service Officer

Ambassador (ret.) Dennis Jett: American Ambassadors – The Past, Present and Future of America’s Diplomats and The Iran Nuclear Deal: Bombs, Bullets and Bureaucrats. Also featuring Dirty Wars and Polished Silver and A Burning Hunger – One Family’s Struggle Against Apartheid from his wife, Lynda Schuster. 

Debbie Trent, Rob Albro and Ambassador (ret.) Brian Carlson: Nontraditional U.S. Public Diplomacy—Past, Present and Future; The Last Three Feet: Case Studies in Public Diplomacy; Local Voices/Global Perspectives: Challenges Ahead for U.S. International Media; America’s Dialogue with the World; Engaging the Arab & Islamic Worlds through Public Diplomacy: A Report and Action Recommendations


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