Two Pumps for the Body Man

The Second World War Had Catch-22.
The War on Terror Has
2 Pumps.

2 Pumps hi rezJeff Mutton walks the diplomatic beat protecting American officials in Saudi Arabia. An expert with guns and knives, grenades and rockets, he’s survived assaults and sieges, stabbings and chokeholds, car bombs, carjackings, criminal hits, and countless other enemy threats. But instinct tells Mutton the menace he now faces dwarfs all these killers combined. The fool!—his foot fetish has him in hot water again.

Part soft-boiled noir, part literary satire, Two Pumps for the Body Man is an unserious look at a serious situation, a grim reminder that no matter how high the barricade, how sharp the razor wire, there is no front line to the War on Terror. And the enemy is everywhere, even within.

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“A wonderfully wacky consular bash in a place called The Kingdom, a nightmarish place straight out of Catch-22… haywire bureaucracy at its finest.”
                                    -Robert Bruce Cormack, You Can Lead a Horse to Water    
                                                                           (But You Can’t Make It Scuba Dive)

 “2 Pumps is an all-too-real satirical look at the war on terror, and America’s diplomats on the front line. Though full of laugh out loud descriptions of our State Department personnel at work, the story turns on a dime into a serious examination of the complexities of international relationships in a post-9/11 world. Be ready to smile — and think.
– Peter Van Buren, former Foreign Service Officer and author of We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People, and Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99 Percent.