Thanks for visiting. BenEastBooks opened in 2013 to highlight the work of independent writers. It now includes current events, international affairs, and black humor. This fall, I’m featuring content related to my second novel.

Now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other vendors of satire about the ordinary people hard at work in government cube farms all around the country.

“A tragicomic requiem for America–a once shining dream of democracy that has fallen prey to its own bureaucratic government that operates ‘besides the people, despite the people, and against the people.’ “David Suarez Gomez, Heaven Is Coming Home.

“A lively, moving book in the tradition of Joseph Heller… this page-turner has great heart.”–Tony D’Souza, Whiteman and Mule.

“A political thriller… the milieu is, as in East’s first novel, the federal bureaucracy—this time in the swamp at D.C. The nation’s capital is rocked by multiple shooting sprees, even while the NRA tightens its hold over our ‘elected representatives.’ Patchworks is governed by an ever-present social conscience that lends weight to the existential fumblings of its characters.Ted Prokash, The Brothers Connolly and Journey to the Center of the Dream.

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