When Writing Is Going Well…

To learn how today’s funniest flash nonfiction writers answer a few simple questions, check the news feed over at Woodhall Press.

Fiction or Nonfiction?
Is it harder to write funny or sad?
Long form or short form?
Poetry or prose?
Boxers or kickboxers?
Piece that you read and said Wish I’d thought of that?
Cloned or frozen?
Book you read and reread?
When writing is going well…
Desert Island Book?

How would do you answer? For me that second to last is:  ‘…don’t get cocky!’

Woodhall’s latest release, Flash Nonfiction Funny, features 71 humorous essays in 750 words or less. The contributors are the kind of people you’d like to share a beer with. They have a talent for brevity and wit. They don’t stand on ceremony and they don’t shy from tyranny. They embrace the absurd, illuminate chaos, and chase redemption. Imagine a lively social gathering, bound and transportable, good for the train, the break room, or anywhere you go to escape life’s misfortunes.





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