April Reboot

If white rabbits and colored eggs can symbolize Christianity’s holiest day, then why not boots?

I’m in reboot mode after considerable turmoil to my writing framework. Turmoil here isn’t used in the negative. Jesus Christ Himself (Jesus H. Christ, to some) achieved his greatest miracle on waves of enormous turmoil.

Turmoil forces us to react, and in reaction we learn what we are made of.

Over the past few weeks of travel—to Rajasthan, to Delhi—in addition to personal and professional challenges beyond the ordinary, wonderful things have stacked up to address on BenEastBooks. They include:

  • A short story called ‘Sex Machine’
  • A book review for Lightwood by Steph Post
  • A book review for One Ton by U.R. Bowie
  • Publication of another book by my long-time friend writing under the name Preston Lang
  • Thoughts on leadership from Jim Comey’s book
  • A firmly regimented physical training routine

Meanwhile, I seek a provident and sheltering mood permissive of revising my middle grade novel, In the Pathless Woods.

I have learned, in this period of re-awakening, that staring at the news will not resolve what ails the nation. Too many citizens remain willfully blind to the evidence laid before us, evidence of a deplorable, morally bankrupt leadership.

And we knew it before it appeared in black and white.

I’m in reboot mode. So, too, must move the nation.



2 thoughts on “April Reboot

  1. Oh you DID NOT GO THERE!!! You did not invoke the name of Jesus H. Christ! I love it! Also I am interested in hearing more about ‘Sex Machine’. Also I hope you found some Cadbury Eggs. I know you love them!

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