Speaking of Tone-Lōc

I haven’t thought about Tone-Lōc in years, but I woke up on Friday eager write about him. The next day, a horse called Medina Spirit won the Kentucky Derby.

It so happens I’m also studying synchronicity right now.

Here in Mumbai we’re living through our own Tone-Lōc moment, a sort of Tone-Lōc-down. It’s déjà vu and Lōc-ed After Dark all over again thanks to the surging pandemic.

Speaking of Tone-Lōc, another ’89 Billboard hit-maker features heavily in my current study of synchronicity. Skid Row, near the Cecil Hotel in L.A., features heavily in Gone at Midnight. Its a carelessly-edited true-crime cum memoir of mania, depression, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Elisa Lam.

Unhappy, strange synchronicities demand Absolut, SoCo, and Blue Curaçao over ice and cranberry juice.

Cheers, Medina Spirit.



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