Mothers, fathers,
Diamond’s calling:
Little League begins.

Sons and daughters,
Grab your bats.
Days are growing long.

baseball field (1)

Pitcher, catcher,
Batter, Ump:
Eyes quick on the ball.

Windup, pitch,
Swing and hit,
Field and throw and tag.

Line to Center.
Ground to short.
Hit and run and slide.

Bases loaded,
Batter up,
Knock it past the wall.

Wins and losses,
Grief and glory,
This is why we play.

Field of dreams,
Say you can see:
Baseball season’s here.

All the family,
Play ball now:
The light is fading fast.


2 thoughts on “NINE

  1. nicely done!!

    as the coach said in Bull Durham-

    “it’s an easy game- you throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball!”

    care for a game of catch??

    love dad


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