What is the WOT

Three novelists offer their views of Two Pumps for the Body Man, a satire about life on the front line of the War on Terror.

…the pace is fast… Two Pumps is a page-turner, baby, and it takes some real balls to satirize the great Christian crusade of our times. …a wry ode to the cluster-f*** of confusion that is the WOT.        -Prokash

…a wonderfully wacky consular bash in a place called The Kingdom, a nightmarish place straight out of Catch-22 where bureaucrats use every acronym under the sun (including OOPS)… haywire bureaucracy at its finest.         -Cormack

…takes you from one absurd situation to another. Nothing is sacred and all the sub-stories are titillating. Just wait until you get to the conclusion!         -Altson

Full reviews available here.

Find out more about the work of Ted Prokash (The Brothers Connolly is comforting, a sort of homecoming, a rich, poetic tale of middle America).

Robert Bruce Cormack (his novel’s a picaro’s tale with dialogue miscues straight out of Catch-22 and an unsung genius—Muller—who might have wandered in from A Confederacy of Dunces).

John Altson (He gives one hope that a thousand years from now, we might advise our alien neighbors on climate change and reprimand their decadent methane-dependence–including cars that run on the “natural gas” of its passengers via a tube plugged into the rectum).


2 thoughts on “What is the WOT

  1. Read Two Pumps for the Body man and enjoyed it very much. Liked the use of satire,memorable characters and the twist in the story. A look inside what it is like at a post with the state department. A fun read Jeanne

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