This is what i do when i should be…

Books & News launches its maiden podcast “This is what i do when i should be…”, 15 minutes of banter about books, writing, and other stuff.

MatildaCoverThis week Ben, Vikram, and Mohan discuss Roald Dahl’s Matilda in anticipation of a trip to the cinema to see The BFG and a future discussion of that book’s transition to the silver screen.

Vikram, age 8, opines on the MLB All Star break while Mohan, 5, shares a few poses he learned in summer Yoga camp—including the sushi pose (watch out the Fleshlumpeater doesn’t get you!)

The literary discussion begins at minute 4 and our surprise guest, an alluring voice of obvious clarity and reason, joins us just before the end at minute 14.

Comments, feedback, and questions for the producers are welcome.

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2 thoughts on “This is what i do when i should be…”

  1. the sushi pose

    I gotta try this one! I wrap myself in a blanket of rice and then . . . oh, noes! . . . a sushi chef comes along and slices me into eight pieces.


    1. thing is, he delivered it so straight i believed sushi was an actual pose. until he got to the part about rolling himself up in his yoga mat. summer camp…


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