Foreign Service Blogs

The Books & News blog finds itself in good company, listed among many others at the American Foreign Service Association’s round up of Foreign Service Blogs. They got me looking around at the work being posted by other diplomats and colleagues overseas. Here’s a summary of the first few.


  1. Address: TBD Recounts the early steps in the foreign service adventure.
  2. Adventures Around the World Currently posting from Vilnius, Lithuania, these FS tales go back to 2007.
  3. Adventures in Good Countries Humorous perspectives on “Getting along in the Foreign Service” going back to 2005.
  4. Dear Diary: Travels in the Foreign Service Lots of great photography as the writer travels around her current post in Europe. As the title suggests, regular reflections on the FS life.
  5. Deeblog Here’s one more along the lines of my own Books & News, though more intelligent. “Book Reviews, Film Reviews, Translations, Essays.”
  6. Journey Currently posting from Rome, this content includes lots of photos and fine art, as well as a helpful menu linking to various topical aspects of the Foreign Service, from the A-100 induction course to previous overseas postings.
  7. Kitty Non Grata Like letters to home from an ex-pat who wanted to be an FSO since sixth grade. Currently posting from Brazil and offering a chance to revisit this summer’s Olympic Games.
  8. Life After Jerusalem Also, “The musings of a two-spirit American Indian” FSO. The menu points to many more FS blogs, bringing me to the realization that I’ve only begun to scratch the surface here and must stop.

For now.


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