One Year on the Beat

A year ago this week I put Jeff Mutton on the beat.

Assigned to keep America’s diplomats safe in Saudi Arabia, he proved a tough match for tyrants as well as terrorists. He endured vacuous conversations during diplomatic soirees and survived quack psychiatry at the hands of State Department shrinks. He introduced us to a secretive government entity known as Fourth Branch. He helped the man with no lips from the office that wasn’t there collect intell to support the War on Terror, even when there wasn’t any.

Happy birthday, Jeff! Here’s a list of top ten things that haven’t happened in the year since your story was revealed:

10. Two Pumps hasn’t been used as fuel for any book-burnings.
9.   There are no known fatwas on the author’s head.
8.   The story remains uncorrupted by Hollywood.
7.   There are no reports of this book being sold without a cover.
6.   About the cover: Two Pumps‘ only bad review was an insult to the jacket.
5.   About reviews: No 0- or 1-star insults!
4.   Saudi Arabia hasn’t declared the author Persona non-Grata.
2.   The author has avoided slick-road car-wrecks and fan captivity.

And, the #1 thing that hasn’t happened in the year since Mutton’s story was revealed

1. No Oprah Book Club controversies! Thank you, Oprah!


3 thoughts on “One Year on the Beat

  1. I began reading “Two Pumps” on a long plane ride. I hope I didn’t annoy too many fellow passengers by involuntarily laughing out loud. I was reading a Kindle sample, so I was forced to stop midway through the sixth chapter– the first thing I did as soon as I could get online was download the rest. Thank you, Ben, for a very funny read that sounds unfortunately too true and is hard to put down.

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    • Diane, i can’t thank you enough for this message! It made my day and my week. Appreciate you reading Two Pumps and am so grateful you’re enjoying it. Hope the fun continues. Oh, what a brilliant, happy message! -ben


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