Response to Domestic Terror

Yesterday, a respectful silence. For the victims. For the families. For those traumatized anew by  preventable violence.

Today, rage.

Rage, and an assertion: The collusion between congress and the NRA’s K St campaign threatens American freedom more than those other popular bogeymen of fascism: illegal immigration and foreign terrorist organizations.

The U.S. Government’s response to 9/11 was swift and resolute. The president declared war on terror and soon invaded Afghanistan. Congress locked arms and sang patriotic anthems in bi-partisan unity on the steps of Capitol Hill. When France opposed our broadening the WOT to invade Iraq, congress thumbed their collective nose at our Gallic ally and voted out French Fries. In they voted ‘Freedom Fries.’

But where is our freedom today? And where is the government’s response to homegrown terrorism?

America’s domestic terror problem includes Violence perpetrated in the name of racism; Violence abetted by easy access to guns; Violence advocated from the highest pulpit in the land.

The congress of the People, by the People, and for the People are owned — lock, stock, and barrel  — by the K St NRA lobby. In collusion, Congress and the NRA hold the American people hostage at gunpoint.

This is terrorism in the U.S.A. We aren’t safe to gather for open-air concerts; we aren’t safe to practice baseball in the park; we aren’t safe to drive away from our children at school, where they practice exquisite silence during ‘Intruder Drills.’

Want freedom? Melt your barrels. Burn your stocks. Soak your powder. Tell Congress you’ve had enough of their version of freedom and vote them out if they don’t listen.

Who couldn’t predict this would happen? Who can’t predict it will happen again?


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