Stock Recovery Plan

So what if the stock market is on a rollercoaster this week? Grab some cheap thrills and laugh off your losses with a 15% savings on Patchworks, a hilarious office satire about the ordinary bureaucrats working hard for you in Washington DC. Price too steep? Check it out at the Fairfax County Public Library!

Can one intern save us from ourselves, when the government he works for keeps shutting itself down?

Patchworks shares a pound of absurdity for every ounce of tragedy, winking in dismay at the circumstances of our times – budget feuds in congress, a non-debate over sensible gun legislation, illegal gambling in the federal bowling league – even while it grinds up the protagonists over the real costs these crises impose.

Meet the grizzled old fed Miles Miles teaching Gabriel Dunne and the other interns how to score a free lunch at the ‘Fed Buffet.’ Meet mid-level manager Chloe Gilchrist who has her intern to planning her nuptials and the roguish office predator Brad Harcourt who corners Chloe into an affair. Meet absentee office manager Marci Apron known best for clicking away from her duties on high, sharp heels to attend meetings while lonely, tyrannical office deputy Ralph Dvorak implements senseless new policies one by one. Meet the shredder guy whose name nobody can remember and security chief Hubbard who stuffs his massive feet into dainty loafers to investigate employees over expired passwords.

Meet your congress and the K St. lobby and the NRA and all the federal workers gathered on a grassy knoll near the National Mall while a madman moves through the corridors of the Bureau of Government Intelligence and Execution, blasting the cube farm to smithereens while sirens scream overhead and federal workers cower under desks, behind flowerpots, behind anything they can find to stay alive during yet another mad shooting spree in America.

Join the whole Patchworks crew for a bite at The Fed Buffet.


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