Olympic Glory

The Olympics are here!

Skeleton and luge. The bobsled. Downhill skiing and of course the mighty ski jump. It just doesn’t get any faster or more exciting than this!

I like the control in biathlon, and gawk with envy as the snowboarders throw themselves off the half-pipe.

I respect the athleticism and grace of the figure skaters, though the sport excites little passion in me: show me the speed skaters.

I chuckle without admiration at curling—lowlier a sport than golf. Better play shuffleboard with the white shorts set down in Boca Raton, where at least there is warmth. Still, these competitors are Olympians, a noble, mighty title!

Tonight I’m fixed on the adrenal thrill of hurtling down an ice slick at breakneck speed, head first, atop a flat sleigh with metal runners. No brakes. No steering. Just thrills and speed along the chattering ice.

The bobsled may reach faster speeds, but its practically a school bus compared to skeleton.

Whatever events you enjoy, now’s the time to watch. Two glorious weeks of winter thrills that come but once in four years! Medal count, Team USA, these are but details. The spectacle afoot is a global parade of sportsmanship and international good will. A parade worth watching.

4 thoughts on “Olympic Glory

  1. I tried to “like” several of your posts, but your button doesn’t respond. Anyway, great writing on the Olympics! You’re inspiring me to watch. At least, it’ll get my mind off Trump and the sorry state of affairs.


  2. First of all, Chris really loves to watch curling!

    Second of all, I also have little success with the Like button! I really Like your posts but it doesn’t work when I hit Like!


  3. I’m totally hooked! I’ve just conducted a poll to see if my readers prefer the winter or summer Olympics, no clear winner as yet! I’ve always loved the Olympics and have even ridden on the Olympic Bobsleigh track in Tignes a couple of years ago! I only know one person mad enough to go down on the skeleton bob (the one where you lie face down on a ‘tea tray’). The G-force was so strong he could hardly lift his head and scuffed the skin off the end of his nose! Luckily, the skin grew back.

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