We Have Seen and We Have Said

Last month we were treated to countless rounds of being talked down to by law enforcement from Broward County, Florida after yet another completely avoidable massacre at the hands of an American citizen exercising his right to bear an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle.

‘If you see something, say something,’ Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said over and over and over again on CNN, FOX, and all the networks during his many turns at the mic throughout the day.

Ok. I see something. I see no reason why civilians in the United States should be in possession of assault rifles. Now I’ve said something.

But you know what? I’ve been saying something and the Brady Campaign has been saying something and Gabby Giffords’ organization Americans for Responsible Solutions has been saying something and countless other individual victims and umbrella organizations have been saying something about this for years.

Just like—guess what!?—somebody saw something unusual in a comment months ago posted to Youtube by Nikolas Cruz, who shares a name with the latest alleged culprit on a growing list of culprits. And they said something. To the FBI. And to what effect?

17 more dead in a completely preventable tragedy that is also a disgrace and a stain, blood upon the hands of those whose inaction enabled this.

So spare us all this talking down to from law enforcement that this a problem we can solve by asking the public with vapid repetition to ‘see something, say something’. It’s time for Congress to do something. It’s time for Congress to act. Today is the day to say and do something that promotes sensible gun legislation.

And so is tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow until the hits stop coming.


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