This Is Why We Write

Why We Write

We write not to be read.
We write not because we have something to say, but because something must be said and needs our attention.
We write to put down the tracks of our thought and, through this process, clarify our intent, to give form and understanding to our own inscrutable intuition.
The clarity that emerges through the process is a gift we give ourselves.

Why We Publish

We publish to be read.
We publish to influence.
We publish because we believe that having brought definition to our intuition, we in turn can bring clarity to the people we hope will read our words.
We publish to inform, to influence, and to entertain.

Publication Inspires Writing

For some writers, the keys fly and the ink runs.
For others, the process is a tortured scratching and bleeding.
For all of us, awareness of audience incentivizes dedication to the process.
Views, clicks, likes, comments, and shares bring gratification. These are the modern rewards for transferring our work to the screen, dressing it up with images, and pushing it through the tubes.
Our influence seems quantifiable.


The democratization of publishing creates unlimited opportunity and an unlimited potential audience.
The democratization of publishing also creates unlimited competition and removes filters from the process. It drowns reason, dilutes quality, and threatens drivel.


Be mindful of why we write.
Be mindful of why we publish.
Give only your best words.





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