Truckload of 229 boxes arrived today.

Some in better shape than others.

Pennywise, our organization hired the lowest-bidder for the job: turned out to be ‘Quality Services Moving and Storage.’

Boy, is that company smart!

With a name like that, they’re free to provide ‘Terrible Quality Services,’ ‘Low Quality Services,’ ‘Lackluster Quality Services,’ and a host of other poor performances based on compromise and inattention. They can even provide a little sarcasm and call themselves “Quality” services, throwing up bunny ears in a jab at our gullibility.

Of course, they could also have provided ‘Good Quality’ or even ‘Great Quality’ service.

But why should they? After all, they’re competing with beltway bandits like JK Moving and Storage (my kids call them Just Kidding), who famously packed our television in the bottom of a box, ensuring it would arrive in Nicaragua with all its channels in separate places.

This move, we got Quality.







What’s in a Name?

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