Writers’ Resources

Featuring two new resources for writers: Dactyl Review and Marylee MacDonald’s coaching blog.

I came upon the first after engaging with the second by following the primary law of social media: be social. A quick exchange on Marylee’s blog pointed me the way to Dactyl Review, opening up a whole new platform for publishing book reviews.

Marylee’s site offers a newsletter that includes free books and insights on writing, publishing, and marketing books. She hosts a compendium of interviews that reveal how different writers turn that ‘kernel of an idea’ into a book, and the ups and downs along the way.

Dactyl Review, meanwhile, offers a platform for readers and writers of literary fiction to review other literary works, share review copies, and seek reviews of their own work.

There’s a lot more to both these resources – forming writers groups, award incentives, etc. – for anyone who takes the time to visit. So don’t let me keep you here. I’ll just say this:

Writing gains are incremental. Our reward is absurdly small in comparison to the depth of our effort. In this context writers need each other, and the really great ones spare time from their craft to be supportive of the community.

Grow your support network around these sturdy pillars built by writers, for writers.



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