The Filter Bubble

You Are What You Click

“Personalized filters play to the most compulsive parts of you, creating ‘compulsive media’ to get you to click things more.”

Quotes from Eli Pariser’s—The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We Think

Perhaps the scariest thing about Pariser’s book is the fact that I read it a decade after it came out. The world has moved ten years further into this filter bubble state.

“At Amazon, the push for more user data is never-ending: When you read books on your Kindle, the data about which phrases you highlight, which pages you turn, and whether you read straight through or skip around are all fed back into Amazon’s servers and can be used to indicate what books you might like next.”

“The new generation of Internet filters [ten years ago! –ed.] looks at the things you seem to like—the actual things you’ve done, or the things people like you like—and tries to extrapolate. They are prediction engines, constantly creating and refining a theory of who you are and what you’ll do and want next.”

“Left to their own devices, personalization filters serve up a kind of invisible auto-propaganda, indoctrinating us with our own ideas.” This results in a kind of “informational determinism”: what you’ve clicked on in the past determines what you see next.

You Are What You Click



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