The family sports teams are: sons v dad. Two on one.

We compete in soccer, kickball, football.

I make the rules.

The boys don’t know all the rules.

I design the rules to keep the action going, the ball in play, the competition fierce.

Among the rules known to the boys:

  • In soccer, no boundaries. Play is continuous across the entire field. We get action behind the net, just like hockey.
  • In kickball, an out for offense equals a run for defense. Boys play offense, dad on D.
  • Football pretty much follows the actual sport, modified to our smaller field. Two hand touch. No shoving.

These rules, the boys know.

The secret rule, the rule that matters most, can be hard to follow when competition is fierce.

The secret rule contradicts sporting law, which is primacy in competition. High score wins.

The secret rule sees the numbers for what they are: data in a void. Sons have the higher score? Sons win. Sons beat Dad!

Nosir. Nosirree.

Dad’s victory is absolute: another round of kickball, soccer, football, whiffle ball, what-have-you. Another hour together. Another blip to define the whole.

They win. I win.

I win.






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