What is mine to do?

God Holds You offers a chronicle of hope.

As we entered the Pandemic Wilderness in March 2020, progressive Lutheran pastor Sarah Scherschligt began publishing daily reflections about adapting to the new constraints.

Written with her congregation in mind, these real-time posts transcend the self and her faith community to form a relatable narrative that is both human and spiritual.

In clear, direct language her pandemic account looks at the fears and frustrations we all felt from the beginning, and banishes the darkness with the small joys and intermittent levity that got us through.

“It’s like everyone knew it might be sad to turn five in the middle of a pandemic, so they did what they could do to make it great.” What did they do? Neighbors lined the sidewalk and cheered for an impromptu birthday parade. What joy and hope in the throes (Day 60) of isolation!

Though pegged to the extremes brought about by the pandemic, the insights offer hope in every-day things. In it rises anger at negligent leadership and political recklessness, confusion about how to keep our loved ones safe, the dispiriting endlessness — another new date we should expect lockdown to end…

But we also read of joy: “Today I presided over a wedding.” Elation: “The internet is going to be a festival of soaring angel song, extraordinary preaching, and candles lit at exactly the right moment to evoke a peace that would lull a babe to sleep.” And, ultimately, reliance on community and family.

What is mine to do? Be gentle on yourself.

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