I wonder what the doctor will think of this shirt. I remember, at the beginning of this process I had to see a physician’s assistant. She was supposed to tell me about the procedure and the rules governing my preparation. I remember thinking, ‘Would she think it funny if I called the procedure a colonarscopy?’ […] … Continue reading Attire


A real pain

She called from the doctor’s office and asked me do i want an interview with the nurse.

No, i told her. I do not want an interview with the nurse.

She said i have to have the interview with the nurse so i said ok fine. i also said, in case she didn’t know, i already met with the physician’s assistant, and i’ve been reading all the materials she provided, so do i still need this interview? is it a must?

She said yes, it is a must. Can i put you down for 2:00?

I said, ok fine.

She said tell me your number so the nurse will have the right number to call at 2:00. I had to mumble through a couple digits i wasn’t sure about. I wasn’t worried, though, since i knew she knew my number. She dialled it just fine to ask me did i…

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diwali in virginia

our home's a work in progress our family is complete our hearts are missing old friends our wish is that we'll meet! happy Diwali, one and all. ##

Tech genius

i am the family tech genius. The qualifying event is typing this reflection on this new phone. since this is not a product placement initiative, I'll refrain from mentioning the brand of my new device. My initial reaction is that I do not love it. my new minder may have an efficient processor and a … Continue reading Tech genius

Baseball and going home

listening to post season baseball tonight. the stadium crowd sounds like it always did: an ocean wash, sea reaches shore, saltwater rushes on sand and retreats back again. it's one of the great memories of youth: Pop listening to the Mets in our dark living room. shea crowd alive. the game is breathing, Pop is … Continue reading Baseball and going home

Gud Guys W Gunz

all deez good fuckin guys with gunz couldn stop shit so jeezus fucking christ fix the laws that allow easy access to guns that blow watermelon-size holes in human flesh. Why feel any rage over this? Just common sense. Even Texas couldn’t defend their young. Gun proliferation advocates are worse than morally bankrupt. They own … Continue reading Gud Guys W Gunz

The Royal Them

What at strange headline. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein publishing as if they were somebody other than Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. About presidential corruption and name-dropping Nixon in the headline. For the Washington Post, no less. How original. ##

Tke a Hke

Sunny and seventies in the Blue Ridge Mountains these two weeks. We explored a range of trails, peaks, and falls in the Shenandoah National Park and beyond. Hawksbill Peak looking east across the Piedmont We ascended to Hawksbill Peak, SNP's highest point (4051); took in Jones Run and Doyles River Falls in a 5.3 mile … Continue reading Tke a Hke

Re-Blogging: Notes from the Slush Pile: Endings — Al Kratz

This is where it all ends. This is the opening lyric to the Cult’s 1989 album Sonic Temple. I remember it like it was yesterday. Standing in my dorm room, unwrapping it to the excitement of getting to hear something new, the first few guitar riffs unrolling to Ian Astbury announcing as much as singing […] … Continue reading Re-Blogging: Notes from the Slush Pile: Endings — Al Kratz