Film Adaptation & Hollywood Diversity

Austin Hargrave

cr: Austin Hargrave

RE: response to proposal for film adaptation of Two Pumps for the Body Man. Cinematic vision opens on Chapter 3:

[OPEN] Dusty desert boots; sound deliberate shovel on sand: crunch, grind, toss (x3); [WIDER SHOT] run-down diplomatic outpost, MUTTON & AMR KHAN digging in washed-out light; [WIDEST SHOT] high compound blast walls, the cityscape beyond with a dozen construction cranes across a pale skyline, at center the 20-story mirrored façade of The Kingdom Hospital.

[NARROW SHOT] MUTTON sweats, shovels; KHAN rests. [DIALOGUE]:

KHAN: I didn’t think digging was the security chief’s job.
MUTTON: It’s not.
K: So why are you digging?
M: Keep them guessing.
K: Keep who guessing?
K: Keep who guessing about what?
M: See what’s on those blast walls around the compound?
K: I don’t see anything.
M: Exactly.
K: I don’t see it.
M: Razor wire.
K: I don’t see it.
M: Because it isn’t there. How long will it take?
K: How long will what take?
M: Install the razor wire.
K: We can’t-
M: So dig.
K: Dig? I can contract an army of foreign workers cheap.
M: Can’t.
K: Why?
M: Foreigners can’t know what we’re tossing in here.
K: What’re we tossing in here.
M: Ordnance.
K: Ordnance?
M: Dud ordnance. Just so they see us doing it.
K: So who sees us?
K: Need who to see us doing what?
M: Good enough for now. Enough to throw them off.
K: Throw who off what?