Foreign Service Writers 2016

fsj2016novembercoverimgI always look forward to the November issue of The Foreign Service Journal, which captures a range of books published by writers in the Foreign Service family. The annual roundup includes  history, biography, policy, memoirs,  poetry, and fiction.

This year is extra sweet. It discusses Two Pumps for the Body Man in these terms:

Part soft-boiled noir, part literary satire, this novel follows the exciting, dangerous career of Jeff Mutton, a Diplomatic Security Agent assigned to protect State Department officials in a Middle Eastern country. Mutton has survived an array of near-death experiences, including car bombs, hijackings and enemy threats. Now, however, he must face up to the ultimate danger—his obsession with feet. He can’t stop thinking about toes and ankles, strappy sandals or heels, closed-toe or open-toe. But he has to deal with terrorists who want him dead, a consul general who wants big parties and a secretive new branch of government demanding “intel” to support the war on terror. The enemy is everywhere. Can he handle it?

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