I wonder what the doctor will think of this shirt. I remember, at the beginning of this process I had to see a physician’s assistant. She was supposed to tell me about the procedure and the rules governing my preparation. I remember thinking, ‘Would she think it funny if I called the procedure a colonarscopy?’ […] … Continue reading Attire


A real pain

She called from the doctor’s office and asked me do i want an interview with the nurse.

No, i told her. I do not want an interview with the nurse.

She said i have to have the interview with the nurse so i said ok fine. i also said, in case she didn’t know, i already met with the physician’s assistant, and i’ve been reading all the materials she provided, so do i still need this interview? is it a must?

She said yes, it is a must. Can i put you down for 2:00?

I said, ok fine.

She said tell me your number so the nurse will have the right number to call at 2:00. I had to mumble through a couple digits i wasn’t sure about. I wasn’t worried, though, since i knew she knew my number. She dialled it just fine to ask me did i…

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Knife fight

This is a knife. This is the dumbest knife in the kitchen. This knife is so dumb it does not even know it is a knife. I suspect this knife thinks it is a spoon, which is about how sharp this knife is. Sharp as a spoon. I would like to thank the even dumber … Continue reading Knife fight

mixture is not confusion

This is Mixture. Mixture is delicious. Mixture is not the same as Confusion, which does not always include peanuts, raisins, cornflakes, and other ingredients prepared as below. To make Mixture, fry three red chilis with two dozen curry leaves until they darken, and when they cool, grind them up! To this powder add sugar (2 … Continue reading mixture is not confusion

watch out for puddles

I walk slow and careful through the dark rainy morning to keep my socks dry. The traffic splashes past the bus stop on the soaked street. Not all the kids have an umbrella. I stand under my umbrella, keeping dry, except my backpack. I dread wet feet all day. The yellow bus with the flashing … Continue reading watch out for puddles

A universe of content

My glorious moment today came from the Longform podcast. Aaron Lammer interviews New Yorker writer Sam Anderson, who puts into concrete form the struggle I’m up against. I’m grappling with a super-sized project involving tens of thousands of document pages and dozens of hours of interviews and interview transcripts. This, an entire universe of content, … Continue reading A universe of content


Why wear hoods? Why cover your face? Why be ashamed of what you do? Masked individuals are nobody. Masked individuals are Limp. Masking is anti-democracy. Vote with intent. Vote with integrity. Vote your choice today. Vote. ##

What is mine to do?

God Holds You offers a chronicle of hope. As we entered the Pandemic Wilderness in March 2020, progressive Lutheran pastor Sarah Scherschligt began publishing daily reflections about adapting to the new constraints. Written with her congregation in mind, these real-time posts transcend the self and her faith community to form a relatable narrative that is both … Continue reading What is mine to do?

diwali in virginia

our home's a work in progress our family is complete our hearts are missing old friends our wish is that we'll meet! happy Diwali, one and all. ##