My novels take a playful approach to the problems that plague us. They are serious literary fiction but they respond best to readers who don’t take themselves seriously. They don’t shy from tragedy and horror, can be irreverent towards the holiest things, stand in awe of the ordinary. I hope my readers enjoy a blend of comedy (deadly shredder machines), romance (foot-fetish blackmail), and tragedy (kindergarteners rehearsing the intruder drill).

Reading is good for you. And novels make us human.


America’s next gun massacre is inevitable.
Unless one government intern can make a miracle of his odd jobs in DC.


When it comes to terrorism,
the enemy can’t kill us if our institutions kill us first.

Security chief Jeff Mutton walks the diplomatic beat under the cloud of an embarrassing sexual misadventure. The official he’s sworn to protect, US Consul General in Saudi Arabia Vanna Lavinia is just the blond bombshell to expose him. As Mutton works to secure the consulate and Vanna blackmails him into allowing big parties on the compound, Al Qaida plots a deadly attack on the mission.