Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Ryan

Today’s vote in congress proposes taking $280 billion from the federal workforce over the next ten years and giving $269 billion of it to the top .2 of 1% of Americans (5,500 households) over the same period.


According to Government Executive, the House Budget Committee’s fiscal 2016 blueprint “Targets federal retirement benefits, among other areas, for more than $280 billion in budget savings over the next 10 years.” Part of this “savings” will come from messing with way federal worker’s G Fund contributions are invested.

Meanwhile Dana Milbank of the Washington Post riffed on this proposed tax break—proposed by the Tea Party faithful, mind you—for the super-rich: the “Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015,” which will cost the Republic $269 billion over a decade and “Exclusively benefit individuals with wealth of more than $5.4 million and couples with wealth of more than $10.9 million.”

Happy tax day, everyone.

TAGS: Dana Milbank, federal employment, Paul Ryan, Pension, politics,Taxes, Tea Party,Washington Post,Wealth Inequality


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