Inertia: What’s Under the Writer’s Hood?

Writer Jason Howell hosts a weekly Q&A with writers & readers on his blog, mostly aimed at the place where writing, reading, and life intersect. This week's question(s): What gets you back on the horse again? Keeps you trying? I was grateful for the chance to chime in this week. Stop by and see the range of responses. Post your own in … Continue reading Inertia: What’s Under the Writer’s Hood?

“Writer’s Block”: You Don’t Have It

I've been known to comment on various blogs: "I've never had writer's block. I have no shortage of things to write about or the desire to write them. If I'm not writing, I'm chewing on it." Ok. In January I blew through 20 chapters of a first draft. Four weeks and done, rough edges and all. … Continue reading “Writer’s Block”: You Don’t Have It