I’d Rather Be Writing (or maybe talking about it)

The American Foreign Service Association filmed a few short clips featuring my reflections on Two Pumps for the Body Man, the inspiration behind the novel, and my thoughts on the writing process. It isn't exactly Zack Galifianakis Between Two Ferns (more like Some Guy and Bamboo) but I hope viewers will enjoy it when it becomes available. … Continue reading I’d Rather Be Writing (or maybe talking about it)

Inertia: What’s Under the Writer’s Hood?

Writer Jason Howell hosts a weekly Q&A with writers & readers on his blog, mostly aimed at the place where writing, reading, and life intersect. This week's question(s): What gets you back on the horse again? Keeps you trying? I was grateful for the chance to chime in this week. Stop by and see the range of responses. Post your own in … Continue reading Inertia: What’s Under the Writer’s Hood?

Time to Write

Blog entries about writing I enjoy most treat the craft as work. Those I enjoy least lament a thing called writer's block. For all those writers who suffer some form of blockage, I submit this photo from 2007. This neurotic-looking ledger of hours and minutes was my go-to mechanism for avoiding "the block." I used it … Continue reading Time to Write