The Pope Nazi

Trump to Spicer: “No Pope for you!”

Poor Sean Spicer. The one—perhaps the only—redeeming moment in a long period of breaking one of the ten commandments (thou shalt not bear false witness…) has been denied.

The devoutly Catholic White House Press Secretary was excluded from meeting the Pope on Wednesday when the president and no fewer than nine other members of the Washington delegation toured the Vatican and had an audience with the Pontiff.

Was this the Lord’s vengeance? Or was it a petty and capricious denial of something comforting and delicious, like a bowl of soup on a cold day? It reminds me of the episode with the iconic Seinfeld character, The Soup Nazi, telling the least of Jerry’s brothers (and sisters): “No soup for you!”

So egregious was this slight to Spicer that even his greatest enemies—the media—expressed sympathy and support for the beleaguered press secretary. It was a heartwarming set of headlines to behold, comforting as hot soup.