When the Peace Corps recruiter called to offer Pete Seward a position teaching English in Malawi Seward asked, “Where’s that?”


Seward thought about that.  Where the application had asked for geographical preferences, Seward had written: “Anywhere in the Pacific.  Definitely not Africa.”  So he reminded the recruiter of this.

“I do see that.  But, let me ask you.  Why don’t you want to go to Africa?”

Seward had no real answer.  His distaste for Africa was conceptual.  Africa loomed large as a dustbowl, riddled with disease, starvation, and conflict.  An assignment in the islands was more his speed, the proper blend of adventure and simplicity, minus the nagging question of hunger, disease, and drought.  Unsure of how to convey this without appearing callous Seward said, “Africa’s dry.  Africa’s dusty.”

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