Trivial Armchair Protest #1

I like Starbucks’ red cup and I’m glad they dressed themselves up for the holidays. I’m annoyed that Nordstrom’s is bragging about not dressing up sooner. They sell clothes, after all: if anyone should dress up sooner, it’s them.

Nice cup. But why are the mermaid's feet behind her ears? Wait--this mermaid has feet?

Nice cup. But why are the mermaid’s feet behind her ears? Wait–this mermaid has feet?

I’m also tired of people casting judgments about how others recognize and celebrate or do not recognize and do not celebrate particular holidays. #NotForYoutoSay #GetOverYourself #MerryChristmas #WarOnChristmas #HappyHolidays #WarOnHolidays

Speaking of war… I never thought I’d say this, but I miss the good old days when this Christmas cup argument mattered. Please CNN, argue with me about the color of Starbucks Christmas cups and stop scaring the shit out of me. #DaeshGoF*ckYourselves.


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