Work out! Rock out! Write on!

Here’s an inspiration to kick off the new year. John Grisham built a reputation as a writer (love him, hate him, it’s unimportant) by turning tax lawyers into the kind of people who drive fast cars, plot murders, and enjoy lives of sinister intrigue. Tax lawyers.

Whatever you do for a living, it’s got to be more interesting than tax law. Salesclerk, trash collector, even the fancy pinstriped diplomat, all seem better suited to the creation of hot-selling books!

Grisham says it takes him about six months to write a novel. He’s published at least one a year since he released The Firm (his second book) in 1991. The title, which inspired Tom Cruise to play a McDeere in the headlights, also seems to have spawned a whole line of workout videos. No credit to Grisham for the British rock band by the same name, however. They split up by ’86.

Happy new year! Now get writing!



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