No Whizzpopping Allowed!

How do you celebrate six years of Mohan? A small party with big guests, of course!

IMG_9475Yes, all the invitees came to make dream jars in our former home, the BFG’s cave. And while they ate snozzcumber sandwiches and guzzled delicious frobscottle sodas and chomped on fleshlumps of watermelon, the evil giants ran off with the dream jars and deposited them around the neighborhood.

Fortunately for our dejected chiddlers the giants weren’t clever enough to steal the jars without leaving behind clues in verse, leading us to where the dream jars could be found!

Follow along as our big-eared guests scavenge wood and stream, bamboo thicket and narrow bridge, lane and hill and field!

And remember: No Whizzpopping Allowed!

I is ugly Gizzardgulper,
He who gulps and scares.
We is taking all your jars
Up the backyard wooden stairs!

Butcher Boy is my name,IMG_9481
I’s having your jars too!
I’s running off to find some more
By the grove of green bamboo.

You can call me Bloodbottler.
I’s big, I’s bad, I’s mean.
I’s bottling up all the blood
Down by the bridge and stream.

I is Childchewer, time to eat!
Won’t you be sorry if we meet!
Chiddlers’ ears I like to chew,
By chips and trails and woodsheds, too.

Muncha muncha cruncha crunch
Bonecruncher be my name.
I took your bottle away from you
And ran down biker’s lane!

I the Maidmasher, took your dreams
So they can all be mine!
At Dibner park in Hallcrest Heights
Where the sun don’t always shine.

When you sled on winter’s morn
Down this steep hill so white,
Giants like me, the Meatdripper,
Grind our teeth with all our might!

I squeeze the life right out of man,
Manhugger rules the day.
You might find me on the green
Where kickball is often played!

Tremble chiddlers, tremble now
I’s the worst giant there be.
I’m the eater of lumps of flesh
Fleshlumpeater, that is me.
I have the last of your dirty jars
And only if you behave,
Can you be saved by the BFG
In the BFG’s Dream Cave!

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