The Anatomy of Political Implosion

Top 10 list requiring no preface or introduction—

10. Bubba. She enabled him. He enabled her. Until they didn’t.bubba

9. BO. The Affordable Care Act. Its moral necessity was lost on the selfish many.

putin8. Vlad. Great spook. Spooky guy. Data thief. Exposer of secrets.

7. Gowdy (hair!) & Chaffetz. Drawn out hearings to reveal nothing again and again.

6. FacebookBubbles, FacebookFakeNewsGuy, FacebookNYTWaPoPollstersCNN.

5. Wiener. Danger. Aptly named.weiner

4. Huma. See above.

3. Debbie. What happens when you short-circuit Democracy. (Also, nice hair)

2. Comey. The shamefully garrulous lawman.

1. HRC. So capable. So capable. So draped in corruption & surrounded by villains.



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