Buckle Up!

I watched in suspended horror and fascination as the single-engine Socata bobbed and wobbled just 50 yards from our windshield on the way out to Annapolis tonight.

We had a good 15 seconds to watch it fly just above oncoming traffic to our left — put it at 40 or 50 feet over those cars — cross the median about 100 yards ahead — bob and weave toward us to near-crash height on the car ahead of us — then pull up miraculously and heroically and punch for the grass median to our right.

Seconds later, out the review, I see the white thing scrapped on the grass between I-97 and Route 50. Amazing he kept it from smacking traffic in the 4 lanes to our left, our four lanes on Rte 50, and the two lanes of the access beside us.

Glad to hear all on board are without injuries.

We made it to Annapolis in time to tour the historic State House, learn about Washington’s resignation as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army in 1783, and do an intimate author event at the Annapolis Book Store—on which, more tomorrow.

But this blend of heroism and miracle… whoah. What a day!


“Maryland State Police said the pilot, identified as Christopher Curry, 32, of Odenton, took off from Tipton Airfield and was trying to return. Curry advised that he lost engine RPMs and noticed smoke coming from the engine. Curry made an emergency landing around shortly after 3 p.m. on the Maryland Route 665 exit ramp from southbound I-97, state police said. The plane struck a light pole and the guardrail; No other vehicles involved. Curry and his two sons were evaluated, but no injuries were reported and no one was taken to a hospital, Anne Arundel County fire officials said.”


5 thoughts on “Buckle Up!

  1. What an experience! Reminds me of the “Miracle on the Hudson,” when Captain Sully brought down a powerless passenger plane with no casualties. Curry must be a terrific pilot to have avoided 10 lanes of traffic. You must have been terrified, seeing the plane so close.

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