Dear Pepe,

The ugliness caught up with you.

Charlottesville rebuked your kind in August. This week, the entire Commonwealth did.

I’m not one to gloat, Pepe. I like democracy. I like the free flow of ideas and the First Amendment. I even like torches — especially when carried before the White House to celebrate suffrage for African Americans (such a march occurred in 1870, under U.S. Grant’s watch; of course, our female counterparts would have to wait until 1920 for the same).

Pepe, we voted against green slime today. Having leapt up out of the worst parts of the swamp, you must now return to the depths and lick yourself clean. Can’t taste very nice!

As you lick, remember to renounce Nazism. Admit the Holocaust. Acknowledge that much of our Union was built on the backs of African Americans who didn’t choose to come here.

Or, Pepe, would you still like to send them home? A better idea would be to interpret this drubbing as a sign of things to come, and a message that you are welcome to colonize your own white society. Build it up yourself without immigrant labor, forced or free.

Do you like to sweat, Pepe?

I didn’t think so.

The Unarmed Patriot


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