Early Monsoon

We always knew the monsoon would greet our arrival in Mumbai this Thursday.

We never expected heavy rains to be part of our departure from DC.

Yesterday the area received 4 inches of rain, equal to about 40 days of wet weather for this time of year for DC. July commonly sees 3.75″.

What better way to enjoy this largesse of moisture than to hike over at Great Falls Park and see the Potomac churn through Mather Gorge?

We hiked up to the dam, an aquifer that feeds the DC water supply, and spotted a water snake, heron, and deer, before hanging out with three owls at the visitors center.

All while listening to the mighty thunder of the Potomac’s brown water stirred to anger by 4 inches of new rainfall—with more expected every day for the week ahead.

Welcome to DC, monsoon season!






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