Posting from a New Home

After five years posting from DC, BenEastBooks moves on to Mumbai.

Expect the same focus on craft and reviewing serious books by independent authors. Expect new writing invigorated by travel and adventure. Expect postings flavored with the exotic, the ancient, the extraordinary, and the very new.

I welcome contributions, requests for reviews, and sensible observations. When not writing here, I’m working on fiction and invite you to review my backlist below.




2 thoughts on “Posting from a New Home

  1. Have a great time in India with more freedom than in USA and learn the Vedic culture ( it takes many life times). The Indian Constitution was written by Dr.Ambdekar an untouchable after studying the US and Australian and Canadian Constitution and the Magna Carta and though Not perfect is functional written for every religion and state .!USA can learn from it and rewrite the US Constitution Today by the US Citizens young and old and in fact by everyone on the planet If USA wants to lead the World .’The Old Constitution written by all White Negro Slaveholders for White Men Only ( Black Negros were property and women were denied the vote by White Men ) . In Short the Old US Constitution should be Burnt Openly and a New US Constitution should be written by the People for the People of the USA by All the Persons on the Planet , If America wants to be a Super power. Get my point?
    Have a great year and be happy and let your Lord guide you to be
    Kind and compassionate to all .
    LTC Jai Rangappa
    Retired US Army
    Desert Army Veteran
    “ Won’t hurt a Fly “


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